When we say that we pay cash for cars, we mean it! We will buy almost every type of car. We buy old cars, new cars and everything in between. We have been in the car buying business for years and are now an industry leader that still gives you local San Diego service. There are many reasons to sell a used car and we can help out in any situation.

Who Are Our Customers?

  • Those Who are Moving – Many of the people that we buy vehicles from are moving out of state and either do not want to drive their vehicle across the country or do no think their vehicle can make the move. We also help many people who are being relocated overseas by their employers. In their case we can be particularly helpful because we offer a service that is efficient enough to get you cash even if you have been given short notice of a cross country or overseas move.
  • The Elderly – If you or your loved one are no longer able or no longer need to drive we can offer you the easiest way to get the old vehicle off of your mind. We often help people who no longer have the energy necessary to sell their car in a private sale. We will do all the work and bring cash to your doorstep when we collect the title and drive your car off your property and off your mind.
  • Owners With Difficult to Sell Vehicles – If you own a used car that has proven difficult to sell, we could be your answer to getting rid of your vehicle. Often times damage such as stains, dog hair, or cracked windows, scare away potential buyers. We keep an open mind and make offers on vehicles that have extensive interior or exterior damage.
  • Transportation Vehicles – If you own a business that depends on a vehicle to transport your product—whether it is food, livestock, or boxes of DVDs—your van or truck will undergo wear and tear that may render it unsellable. We buy cars in almost every condition. Even vehicles that qualify as junk cars. If your vehicle is so dilapidated that it is no longer safe to operate or it just doesn’t run, we will even offer you cash based on the recyclable value of it. For more information, visit the “Cash For Junk Cars” portion of our site.