If you have been hanging onto a junk car in hopes of making some extra cash by selling it for the value of its metal, it has never been a better time to sell! At Sell My Car in San Diego, we will generally pay you for your old junk car, even if it is in very poor conditions. Developing countries all around the world have contributed to a growing demand for scrap metal and there are many benefits to keeping old vehicles out of landfills by recycling them.

Benefits of Recycling Junk Cars

  • Environmental Benefits –  Vehicle recycling centers safely remove the hazardous fluids that help vehicles run, keeping them from harming the environment. If these vehicles were left in landfills their fluids could leak and eventually pollute soil and water storages causing disease among humans and animals alike.
  • Energy Savings – It takes about 75 percent less energy to recycle car metal than it does to create new metal. The recycling process can help save over 80 million barrels of oil each year. This helps keep oil prices down by drastically reducing the demand, keeping the price of fuel affordable for everyone.
  • Comprehensive Recyclability – Steel is not the only part of a vehicle that can be recycled. In fact, about 75% of your vehicle can be recycled. This includes glass from the windows and lights, rubber and upholstery from the interior, as well as plastic from the battery casing. These materials are used by state and local governments to make new sidewalks, lay basketball courts, and create safer playgrounds. This allows the government to keep taxes lower by cutting down on their overall materials cost. Also, new cars are created using about 25% recycled steel, keeping new car prices lower than would otherwise be possible.
  • Extra Cash – If you were to take your vehicle to a landfill, you may be asked to pay a dumping fee. Why pay more for your junk car when you could make some extra cash while getting it off your property.

We have the extensive practice buying and recycling junk cars for residents in the San Diego area. We will make an offer based on the price of the combined recyclable parts of your vehicle and even come to tow it away for free!