We operate Sell My Car in San Diego in a manner that is most beneficial to our customers. We help people get into safer, more fuel efficient vehicles every day by giving them cash for their used vehicle. It is not always easy to sell your old vehicle quickly if you decide to sell it yourself but getting the money you need towards a newer vehicle is more important than you might think. Newer vehicles have much more effective safety features that are designed to keep you and your loved ones safer in the event of a crash. They also have recently developed features that can actually decrease the chances of a crash happening to begin with. A few of these features include:

  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC) – When a driver begins to lose control of an older vehicle it becomes increasingly difficult to regain control as even a slight miscalculation can lead to spinning or rolling. New vehicles have ESC which calculates the direction that the vehicle is moving when out of control. It then plans and implements a course of action which includes adjusting the steering wheel that will help the driver regain control of their vehicle. The National Highway Traffic Administration estimates that ESC systems have saved over 2,200 lives between 2008 and 2010. That number continues to rise as more drivers buy vehicles with ESC. Why wait to finish the long process of selling your vehicle yourself, when we could offer you cash for it today which you can use to get into a vehicle with ESC.
  • Airbags and Seatbelts – Most older vehicles have airbag systems that deploy to cushion their occupants but these outdated airbag systems are easily overwhelmed when a car rolls or if it is hit on its side. Oftentimes these older airbags can become a hazard themselves, making a car crash even worse. Newer airbag systems make use of “curtain airbags” which protect the occupant’s head even if the car rolls. Similarly, the design of seat belts has been modified in order to decrease the amount of rib fractures that have resulted from older seatbelts.
  • Body Design – To minimize the impact sustained by occupants during a crash, newer cars have bodies that are designed to buckle and fold in specific places which absorbs the force of an accident. Driving a vehicle with these types of innovative safety features can put your mind at ease. Don’t wait for the worst to happen before you chose a safer vehicle. Call us today, to sell your older vehicle and take one step towards owning a safer vehicle.